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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  August 18, 2014 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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into racial divisions and protests. i'm shep arizona smith in new york. we'll be back when the president speaks. have a great afternoon. >> any minute now president obama will take to this podium and update the nation on the situation in iraq and ferguson, missouri. he just been briefed by his national security team and attorney general eric holder. when the president starts talking we'll take you right there. just hours away from nightful in ferguson, missouri, where the governor just lifted the curfew. we have seen what happens with one. now retailers are bracing for what happens without one. i'm in for neil cavuto. retailers under attack as protesters lash out against the killing of an unarmed teenager. this is the scene at wal-mart where managers lined up several rows of carts outside the
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entrance and a blockade of water bottles inside and it's not just wal-mart. all of the markets in ferguson are doing everything they can to protect their stores from attacks. mike tobin is in ferguson with the latest. >> reporter: the latest talk out here, anyway, stewart, is about the autopsy and the results from dr. michael badden, the independent pathologist hired by the family to conduct a separate autopsy on the body of michael brown. he determined michael was hit by at least six bullets, alling her entering from the front, a possible consistent with what the witnesses say, michael brown had his hands um. also the possibility of some -- that michael brown was charging at the officers when he was shot. listen to the doctor. >> could be consistent with his going forward or going backward, but they're from the front, and
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if he was shot going forward, he would collapse right away. the problem -- yes. so, it's possible. a number of different possibles. >> reporter: the "washington post" reported that michael brun had marijuana in his system at the time of his death. toxicology reports have been completed by the county medical examiner. the results have been sent to the county prosecutor to be submitted to the grand jury. they're not leaking the information. they won't confirm or deny the prepares of marijuana. >> as the violence intensifies and protesters get more organized the missouri governor is calling in the national guard. dan is a former secret service agent. says it's about time. does the use of the national guard further militarize the situation in is that justified? >> yeah, at this point, stewart, it is. there's been a couple of nights of rioting and if there's one
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thing the american people hate, and deserve protection from, is chaos. private property rights a violan over. and keep in mind, it's not just the unit or the equipment that leads to militarization. more importantly it's the rules of engagement as long as discipline rules of engagement are followed and an escalation of force is appropriately followed, the look of it really shouldn't matter so much. we see people in train stations all the time with military type equipment. as long as they're respectful of the rule of law it's not an issue. >> my question is about, does it inflame the situation when you have national guard troops, uniforms, gun, carrying, military equipment, does it inflame an already inflammatory situation? >> it very well coot. having a strong libertarian streak in me i think the mail tearization of police deeps is a serious issue but this equipment has been around a long time. it's going to require some
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strong discipline by the national guard soldiers and the police department there. i was a cop. it's very difficult to have someone in your face, screaming at you for two and three hours at a time and then have a molotov cocktail fly over your head. there's only hulks and i'm not justifying any kind of excessive use of police force if there were some, but these folks are only human. so, yes, it could escalate quickly bases on having the national guard troops there. going to require extreme discipline and good management. >> you have been on the street in these situations. when does civil unrest move from a policing problem to a military problem? what's the turning point? >> well, your private civil liberties end when you start to cause public peril. violence on someone else, property damage, inciting a riot or chaos. a lot of people there are who professional chaos-causers.
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they're there to start a riot. and i absolutely fight for people's right to protest, but there's nothing in the liberty movement or nothing that inspires liberty by you trying to take somebody else's liberty and their property. the minute you cause harm to someone else or break into their business you have not respected anyone else's self rights either. when the public peril starts your private civil liberties -- you forfeited your rilings. >> minutes from now the president is going to address the issue in ferguson and what may happen tonight what would you want to hear from the president moments from now? >> well, some leadership would be nice for once. what i'd like to hear him say is a call for peaceful protests, and frankly, not to throw the police under the bus either. it's very easy for the president to say things like, the cops acted stupidly and things like this. was a police officer. you become easy targets. for a lot of the cops this the nine to five job. they have to go home to kids at night as well.
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they have the same problems you do, and a lot of them are sensitive to the issues. there's a few bad apples and sadly those get remembered but the cops deserve a word of -- a pat on the back sometimes as well. >> i think it's unusual for a president to involve himself in a situation like this. i can't remember another president for many, many years,ing too -- doing something similar doom you welcome his involvement? >> frankly, no. i don't. when he involves himself he seems to always pick -- if you head an a., b., c., d.c., of thinks to say always seems to pick the worst answer, which i don't -- its seems to be a unique skill he has. if you're getting involved, do something to better the situation, respect civil liberties, to talk people into peaceful protesting. don't go in there and inflame the situation by hap hazard -- he just seems to say things off the cuff that are not appropriate. he has to realize when the
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president says it, it's a de facto almost policy. >> from your point of view, should the national guard tonight in ferguson be used to absorb the anger of the demonstrators? or should it be used to suppress the anger of the demonstrators? >> well, people have the right in america to be angry. there's no question about that. they have the right to yell and scream. what they don't have the right to do is to vocally threaten people, throw things at people or shoot civilians or police officers. they have the right to be angry and i protect them. i have a strong libertarian streak and you're protected by the first amendment but you don't have the right to call for violence against police officers, many who are just showing up to do their jobs. there was only one police officer involved in this and we don't even know the fact behind that yet. >> dan, thank you very much for joining us, and we'll be back to you very shortly as we're waiting to hear from the president. let's go to hill's editor in
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chief. bob, welcome to the program. it's unusual, is it not, for a president to involve himself directly in a situation like this. what do you expect from the president moments from now? i think the president has a very difficult job. a very unusual trip back to washington. at break from his vacation. and he has some -- has two major problems. he has a iraq, a war he has bragged about ending, airstrikes there, and this ferguson situation which doesn't seem to be easing at all. seems to be getting worse. i think he appealed for calm before sigh think it will be a challenge, what does he say now? the calm is clearly not there. >> it's dangerous for the president to be doing this? not physically dangerous, but to involve yourself like this. you are the president of the united states of america. now you're involved in what looks like an escalating situation. that is a danger zone for any president. >> very dangerous, especially a
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racial issue and he this first african-american president. we have eric holder, the first african-american attorney general. they have been huddling and talking for a while on this. and so i think it's a very difficult spot but at the same time if he didn't do anything, then he would be criticized for that. how does he solve this problem? how does he lead? and the next question is, will the president go there? i doubt that's going to happen, but at the same time this situation keeps escalating. >> the president has been sharply criticized for being on vacation frequently in the past when these kind of crises break. is it possible that he now feels he has to do something and say something? because he doesn't want that criticism to be repeated. >> i think that's part of it. certainly optics are important when you're president of the united states, and this was going to be an uninterrupted two-week vacation, and this --
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he is taking a break from that and meeting with advisers, meeting with vice-president biden. so i do think the optics were part of the calculation, but at the same time, the unusual thing is he made these plans well over a week ago that he was going to come back. so no way to predict we would bee like we are today, other than iraq. ferguson is unpredictable. >> bob, thank you very much for joining us. we're all waiting for the president to speak. should be moments from now. back in a moment. so what we're looking for is a way to "plus" our accounting firm's mobile plan. and "minus" our expenses. perfect timing. we're offering our best-ever pricing on mobile plans for business. run the numbers on that. well, unlimited talk and text, and ten gigs of data for the five of you would be... one-seventy-five a month. good calculating kyle. good job kyle. you just made partner. our best-ever pricing on mobile share value plans for business. now with a $100 bill credit for every business line you add.
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you're right. over the weekend, what happened? well, there's been some limited success. looks like the airstrikes may have gotten the mosul dam back, may have helped the iraqi forces. may have stopped a genocide. those are positive things the president can tout. but look is what ahead. slowing isis down but not stopping their momentum. that's what his pentagon is saying. so now democrats are saying, why take ground troops on the table? you may need to do that to beat them. that's big stuff. >> has to say something about future policy in iraq, the use of america's military. >> sure. i do not anticipate he's going to say, well, yeah, because of the pressure from democrats the door is open to ground troops this. president hayes taken them off the table in previous discussions about iraq and syria and what we might do, airstrikes and drones have been the only things really largely on the table. certainly not ground troops.
1:15 pm
i don't anticipate change in policy but amid the pressure he needs to explain what the strategy it. might not do it today but in the days ahead, has to brain what we're doing to stop isis. >> what happens tonight in ferguson, missouri, may have a lot to do with what the president says. >> we saw the governor, jay nixon, democrat, call in the national guard. the white house says they didn't get a heads up about that. there have been other cases where the governors have on their own get the national guard. this is not a normal situation. this is not a governor call the national guard because there's a hurricane or a storm. this is serious stuff. i'm not diminishing the other crises but when you have an 18-year-old boy who is shot six times, a young man, and questions of race and not race and the autopsy, now there's two autopsies. if you watch the news conference today we still don't have answers. more questions than answers and
1:16 pm
this past saturday it was week ago that michael brown was shot and killed. so, that is why i think the president is getting involved. he understands these local prosecutors don't seem to be moving on it. >> i can't recall a president getting involved directly in a situation like this. i mean, you may have been in times past but i don't recall in the immediate past. that puts the president in a very dangerous situation because being involved in a situation like this at a time like this, when tension is escalating, and this could be one of the more important addresses the president makes in his presidency. >> no doubt in terms of ferguson and trying to calm the situation, that's what he tried to do last week. maybe had very little success. maybe not because of the president. maybe just because the situation on the ground has spun a little bit out of control. hopefully calming down today. but when dark comes tonight and there's more protests, clearly you look at these pictures, not just peaceful protesting. there's looting, violence, allegations that the police have gone too far and pushing back
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protesters. so, he is going to face criticism and the white house gets frustrated, darned if he does, darned if he doesn't. if speaks out, he gets criticism for speaking out. i think what they try to do -- last week, if you heard his message, it was, it's a time for healing. doesn't appear like people listened. >> ed henry, would you stay there for us? we'll talk to you after the president. right now i want to go to former republican presidential candidate, rick santorum in summer. what do the israeli people want to hear from president obama, a few minutes from now, about iraq? >> well, right now everybody here in israel is -- we're an hour away from the cease fire expiring, and the talks are hot in cairo right now. this report there's an agreement that has been reached and so we're waiting for confirmation
1:18 pm
from both sides on this. neither side has confirmed there. but there have been reports of a cease fire agreement. so that is really the focus right now. i'm in israel and i can tell you that tourism is off by 95%. we were in the old city today, and there's virtually nobody there. it's -- so i think the folks here are focused on the immediate, trying to get back to normal life here in jerusalem and israel. >> what is your view of the president's illinois handling of foreign poll? i general? >> well, the reason i'm here is because fit like this was a very sad situation that -- i mentioned the tourism off by 95%. a big reason for that is the way the americans have handled this. the fact that american airlines and the faa talked about ending flights coming here to israel, the safest airport in the world. we flew in today. i felt very safe. we feel very safe being here in israel.
1:19 pm
but the united states sent a very bad signal which is damaging to the state of israel and helpful for hamas, hampering the israeli economy. so that is just one instance where the president's policies were detrimental to the state of israel and the struggle, and the continuing calm from the very beginning for israel to back off when a what they're simply trying to do is stop hamas from firing rocket after rocket into southern israel. i plan to go there tomorrow to examine that. again, it's just -- the israelis are feeling like the united states government, which is traditionally been at least an honest broker, if not being supportive of them, is really weighing in on the other side. i think this goes as a consistent policy where the president has been on the wrong side of these conflicts. >> hold on a second, rick -- >> the muslim brotherhood is another example. >> there is a feeling in israel that netanyahu was restrained,
1:20 pm
that he didn't go far enough, didn't finish the job in gaza, and he was restrained by america's foreign policy, specifically president obama? >> i don't think there's any question that not having the president stand by his side and having unfortunately the predictable response from the international community of boating up on israel, made it much harder for them to prosecute this action, which was absolutely warranted to protect southern israel, and probably has cut short what could have been a much more devastating blow to the hamas and gaza. >> rick santorum, from jerusalem, thank you for joining us, rick. we appreciate it. thank you very much. >> my pleasure. >> we are waiting for president obama. he is about to make an address on the situation in iraq ongoing, and in ferguson, missouri. we're waiting for him. he will speak moments from now.
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still waiting to hear from the president of the united states. we still have with us the chief white house correspondent ed henry. he is going to talk about ferguson, missouri. the issue there is essentially race. now, what is the president's track record in addressing issues of race in the past? >> this is why it's important to way in on these things. the massachusetts -- >> the bore summit. >> he stepped into an ongoing investigation, and also said that the police officer acted stupidly, which is not something you normally hear from the president of the united states. i think he realized that was a
1:25 pm
mistake then. however he weighed in on the trayvon martin case. something that moved forward much further. this is still in the early stages. and talked about how if he had a son it would look like trayvon and that got him in hot water. that's why this time i think we have seen him be much more cautious and not stepping into the hole. >> is the president about to speak? i believe he is. >> might have been the two-minute warning. >> to shepard smith at the news deck. >> thank you very much. the president has been on vacation for the past week or so, and has taken a two-day break from that vacation. not for this scheduled event but this has been scheduled as a result. the plan was for him to speak at 4:00 eastern time this afternoon. so running about 26, 27 minutes behind. and that's our understanding we'll hear from him in just a moment. while we wait we want to pause to let fox stations and my network stations across the country join news our coverage of the president's speech this afternoon.
1:26 pm
>> i'm shepard smith at fox news world headquarters on fox stations and on fox news channel, on satellite and cable across the nation and around the world. we're moments away from a statement from president obama at the white house. we're told he will talk about the ongoing u.s. airstrikes against islamic state fighters in iraq, and the racial tensions tearing through ferguson, missouri, after a police officer shot and killed an unarmed black teenager. missouri's governor called in the national guard to help control the demonstrations tonight. demonstrations that have sometimes ended in violence and looting. but a curfew in effect last night will not be in effect tonight. president obama ordered the justice department to investigate the police shooting shat sparked the unrest. in iraq, defense officials tell us airstrikes have taken out many of the islamic state militants who took control of the critical dam there. that is as we get new reports about the group's brutal tactics, including reports the militants have slaughtered
1:27 pm
hundreds of people by cutting if a their head or burying them alive. now the president of the united states. >> good afternoon, everybody. earlier today i received an update from my team on two separate issues i have been following closely. our ongoing operation in iraq and the situation in ferguson, missouri. with respect to iraq, we continue to see important progress across different parts of our strategy, the support of -- to support the iraqi government and bomb bat the threat from the terrorist group, isil. first our military operations are effectively protecting our personnel and facilities in iraq. fresh over the last 11 days, american air strikes have stopped the isil advance around the city of irbil and pushed back the terrorists. meanwhile, we have urgently provided additional arms and assistance to iraqi forces, including the kurdish and iraqi security forces who are fighting on the front lines. today, with our support, iraqi
1:28 pm
and kurdish forces took a major stain forward by recapturing the dam near mosul. the dam fell under terrorist control earlier this month and is directly tied to our objective of protecting americans in iraq. if that dam was breached it could have proven catastrophic, with flooded that would have threatened the lives of thousands of civilians and endanger our embassy compound in baghdad. robby kurdish forces took the lead and performed with courage and determination so this demonstrates iraqi and kurdish forces are capable of working together and taking the fight to isil. if they continue to do so they will have the strong support of the united states of america. second, we're building an international coalition to address the humanitarian crisis in northern iraq. even as we work to help many thousands of yazidis escape the siege of mount sinjar, hundreds of thousands of iraqis have been
1:29 pm
displayed by isil's violence and many more still at risk. going forward, the united states will work with the iraqi government as well as partners like the united kingdom, canada, france, italy, and australia, to get food and water to people in need and bring long-term relief to people who have been driven from their homes. third, we will continue to pursue a long-term strategy to turn the tide against isil by supporting the new iraqi government and working with key partner thursday the region and beyond. over the last week we saw historic progress as iraqi's named a new prime minister designate, haider al-abadi, and iraq's outgoing prime minister, maliki agreed to step down. this peaceful transition of power will mark a major milestone in iraq's political development but as we're aware, the work is not yet done. over to the next few weeks dr. abadi needs to form a new
1:30 pm
broad-based, inclusive, iraqi government. one that develops a national program to address the interests of all iraqis. without that progress, extremists like isil can continue to prey upon iraq's divisions. with that new government in police,. iraqis will be able to unite the country against the threat from icele and will be able to look forward continue creased support not just from the united states but from other countries in the reap john -- region and around the world. let's remember, isil poses a threat to all iraqis and to the entire region. they claim to represent sunni grievances but slaughter sunni men, women and children. they came to oppose foreign forces, but they active lie recruit foreign fighted to advance their hateful ideology. so the iraqi people need to reject them and unite to begin to push them out of the lands they've occupied as we're seeing at mosul dam.
1:31 pm
this will take time. there will be manning challenges ahead. but meanwhile there should be no doubt the united states military will continue to carry out the limits mission is have authorized, protecting our personnel and facilities in iraq, in bother irbil and baghdad, and providing humanitarian support as we did on mount sinjar. my administration has consulted closely with congress about our strategy in iraq, and we are going to continue to do so in the weeks to come because when it comes to the security of our people and our efforts against a terrorist group like isil we need to be united in our resolve. i also want to address the situation in ferguson, missouri, this afternoon i spoke with governor nixon as well as senators blunt and claire mccaskill, and also met with attorney general eric holder. the justice department has opened an independent federal civil rights investigation into the death of michael brown. they're on the ground and along with the fbi they're devoting
1:32 pm
substantial resources to the investigation. the attorney general himself will be traveling to ferguson on wednesday to meet with the fbi agents and doj personnel conducting the federal criminal investigation, and he will receive an update from them on their progress. he will also be meeting with other leaders in the community, whose support is critical to bringing about peace and calm in ferguson. ronald davis, the director of the dojs office of community policing services, is also traveling to ferguson tomorrow to work with police officials on the ground. we have also had experts from the doj's community relations service working in ferguson since the days after the shooting to foster conversations among local stakeholders and reduce tensions among the community. so, let me close just saying a few words about the tensions there. we have all seen immigrations of protesters and law enforcement in the streets. it's clear that the vast
1:33 pm
majority of people are peacefully protesting. it's also clear is that a small minority of individuals are not. while i understand the passions and the anger that arise over the death of michael brown, giving into that anger by looting or carrying guns and even attacking the police, only serves to raise tensions and stir chaos. it undermines rather than advancing justice. let me also be clear that our constitutional rights to speak freely, to assemble and report in the press, must be vigilantly safe guarded no excuse for excessive force by police or action that denies people the right to protest peacefully. ours is a nation of laws. the citizens who live under them, and for the citizens who enforce them. so, to a community in ferguson
1:34 pm
that is rightly hurting and looking for answers, let me call once again for us to seek some understanding rather than simply holler at each other. let's seek to heal rather than to wound each other. as americans we have to use this moment to seek out our shared humanity that's been laid bear by this moment. the potential of a young man and the sorrows of parents, the frustrations of a community, the ideals that we hold as one united american family. i've said this before, in too many communities around the country, a gulf of mistrust exists between local residents and law enforcement. in too many communities, too many young men of color are left behind and seen only as objects of fear. and through initiatives like my brother's keeper, i'm personally
1:35 pm
committed to changing both perception and reality. and already we're making some significant progress as people of good will of all races are ready to chip in. that requires we build and not tear down. and that requires we listen and not just shout. that is how we'll move forward together. by trying to unite each other and understand each other and not simply divide ourselves from one another. we're going to have to hold tight to those val news the days ahead -- values in the days ahead. that's how we bring about justice and how we bring about peace. so if with that i have a few questions i'll take. jim kuhn. >> right here. the incident in ferguson led to a discussion about whether it's proper to militarize the nation's city police forces. i wonder whether you see that as a factor regarding the police
1:36 pm
response in ferguson, and also do you agree with the decision by the governor to spend in the national guard? >> well, i think one of the great thing about the united states has been our ability to maintain a distinction between our military and domestic law enforcement. that helps preserve our civil liberties. that helps ensure that the military is accountable to civilian direction, and that has to be preserved. after 9/11, i think understandably a lot of folks saw local communities that were ill equipped for a potential catastrophic terrorist attack, and i think people in congress, people of good will, decided that we have to make sure they get proper equipment to deal with threats that historically wouldn't arise in local
1:37 pm
communities. some of that has been useful. some law enforcement didn't have radios that they could operate effectively in the midst of a disaster. some communities needed to be prepared if in fact there was a chemical attack and they didn't have hazmat suits. having said that, i think it's probably useful for us to review how the funding has gone, how local law enforcement has used grant dollars, to make sure that what they're purchasing is stuff that they actually need. because there is a big difference between our military and our local law enforcement, and we don't want those lines blurred. that would be contrary to our traditions. and i think there will be some bipartisan interest in
1:38 pm
re-examining those programs. with respect to the national guard i think it's important to remember this was a state activated non guard -- national guard so it's under the charm of the government. -- the charge of the governor. not something we nitchated at the federal level. i spoke to jay nixon about this, expressed an interest in making sure that enough fact a national guard is used, its used in a limited and appropriate way. he described the support role that they're going to be providing to local law enforcement, and i'll be watching of the -- over the next self days to assess whether it's helping rather than hindering progress in ferguson. >> how do you avoid mission creep in iraq some how long do you think it will take to contain isil? >> well, i have been firm from the start that we are not
1:39 pm
re-introducing thousands of u.s. troops back on the ground to engage in combat. we're not the iraqi military. we're not even the iraqi air force. i'm the commander-in-chief of the united states armed forces and iraq is going to have to put matily provide for its own security. on the other hand we have a national security interest in making sure our people are protected and in making sure that a savage group, that seems willing to slaughter people for in rhyme or reason other than they have not kowtowed to them, that a group like that is contained. because ultimately it can pose a threat to us. so my goal is, number one to make sure we have viable partner, and that's why we have so consistently emphasized the need for a government formation
1:40 pm
process that is inclusive, that is credible, that is legitimate, and that can appeal to sunnis as well as shias and kurds. we have made significant progress on that front but we're not there yet, and i told my national security team today, and i will say publicly, that we want to continue to communicate to politicians of all stripes in iraq. don't think that because we have engage fed airstrikes to protect our people that now is the time to led the foot off the gas and return to the same kind of dysfunction that has so weakened the country generally. dr. abadi has said the right things. i was impressed in my conversation with him about his vision for an ininclusive government. but the wolf is at the door and in order for them to be credible with the iraqi people, they have
1:41 pm
to put behind some of the old practices and actually create a credible unite government. when we see a credible iraqi government, we are then in a position to engage with plan, not just with the iraqi government but also with regional actors, and folks beyond the middle east so we cancraft the -- can craft the kind of joint counterterrorism strategy i discussed at west point and discussed at the national defense college. our goal is to have effective partners on the ground, and if we have effective partners on the ground, mission creep is much less likely. typically what happens with mission creep is when we start deciding that we're the ones who have to do it all ourselves. and that -- because of the excellence of our military that, work for a time.
1:42 pm
we learned that in iraq. but it's not sustainable. it's not lasting. and so i have been very firm about this, precisely because our goal here has to be to be able to build up a structure, not just in iraq but regionally, that can be maintained and that is not involving us effectively trying to govern or impose our military will on a country that is hostile to us. >> contain -- >> i don't think at this point i'm prepared to provide a blanket answer to that. a lot of it depends on how effectively the iraqi government comes together. i think that you will see if in fact that government formation process moves rapidly, and credibly, that there will be a lot of actors in the region
1:43 pm
around the world prepared to help and to step up assistance, who many of whom may have been reticent because the per sing was, at least, that baghdad was not being inclusive and it was going to be self-defeating to put more resources into it. i think you'll see folks step up. suddenly now iraq will have a variety of partners and would more folks unified around the effort, think it's something that can be accomplished. it also means that there's the prospect of sunni tribes who are the primary residents of areas that isil now controls, saying we have a viable option, and we would rather work with a central government that appears to understand our grievances and is prepared to meet them, rather than to deal with individuals who don't seem to have any
1:44 pm
valueseyond death. and destruction. i'm going to take the last question from somebody who, after 41 years, i understand has decided to retire, ann compton. everybody here knows is not only the consummate professional but is also just a pleasure to get to know. i was proud to be able to hug her grand baby recently, and i suspect that may have something to do with her decision, but i just want to say publicly, ann, we'll miss you, and we're very, very proud of the extraordinary career and work you have done, and we hope you're not a stranger around here. >> thank you very much. >> ann compton. [applause] >> i suspect you may get some cake at some point.
1:45 pm
>> let me ask you. this is an interesting time in your presidency, and one of the things you have so emphasized in the last few months, the last year or so is this reach-out to my brother's keeper and to a generation that doesn't feel it has much chance. sending the attorney general to ferguson is a step. has anyone there asked or have you considered going yourself? there is more you personally can do not just for ferguson but for communities that might also feel that kind of tension and see it erupt in the way it has in ferguson? >> well, ann, obviously we have seen events in which there's a big gulf between community perceptions and law enforcement perceptions, around the country. this is not something new. it's always tragic when it involves the death of someone so
1:46 pm
young. have to be very careful about not prejudging these events before investigations are completed, because although these are issues of local jurisdiction, the doj works for me, and when they're conducting an investigation i have to make sure i don't look like i'm putting my thumb on the scales one way or the other. so it's hard for me to address a specific case beyond making sure that it's conducted in a way that is transparent, there's accountability, people can trust the process, hoping that as a consequence of a fair and justice process, you end up with fair and justice -- fair and just outcome. but as i think i've said in past occasions, part of the ongoing
1:47 pm
challenge of perfecting our union has involved dealing with communities that feel left behind. who, as a consequence of tragic histories, often find themselves isolated, often find themselves without hope, without economic prospects. you have young men of color in many communities who are more likely to end up in jail or in the criminal justice system than they are in a good job or in college. and part of my job that i can do without any potential conflicts is to get at those root causes. now, that's a big project. it's one that we have been
1:48 pm
trying to carry out now for a couple of centuries. and we have made extraordinary progress but not enough progress, and so the idea behind something like my brother's keeper is, can we work with cities, and communities, and clergy, and parents, and young people themselves, all across the country, school superintendents, businesses, corporations, and can we find models that work, that move these young men on a better track. now, part of that process is also looking at our criminal justice system to make sure that it is upholding the basic principle of everybody is equal before the law. and one of the thing wes have looked at during the course of where we can make -- during the course of investigating where we
1:49 pm
can make a difference, is that there are patterns that start early. young african-american and hispanic boys tend to get suspended from school at much higher rates than other kids, even when they're in elementary school. they tend to have much more frequent interactions with the criminal justice system at an earlier age. sentencing may be different.
1:50 pm
1:51 pm
1:52 pm
one of the things i was most proud of when i was in the state legislature way back when i had no gray hair and none of you could pronounce my name was, you know, i passed legislation requiring video with taping of interrogations and confessions, and i passed legislation dealing with racial profiling in illinois. and in both cases we worked with local law enforcement and the argument was that you can do a better job as a law enforcement official if you have built up credibility and trust. and there's some basic things that can be done to promote that kind of trust. and, you know, in some cases, there's just a lack of information. and we want to make sure that we get that information to law enforcement. so there are things that can be done to improve the situation.
1:53 pm
but short-term, obviously, right now, what we have to do is to make sure that the cause of justice, and fair administration of the law is being brought to bear in ferguson, in order to do that, we've got to make sure that we are able to distinguish between peaceful protesters, who may have some legitimate grievances, and may be long standing grievances, and those who are using this tragic death as an excuse to engage in criminal behavior. and tossing molotov cocktails or looting stores. and, and that is a, a small minority of folks, and it may not even be residents of ferguson, but, they are damaging the cause, they're not advancing it. all right. thank you very much, everybody. >> thank you. >> president obama from the white house in the middle of a vacation taking two days off to come back to the white house to
1:54 pm
address matters of national interest, including a number of news items he made news on a number of fronts there and one news item broke while he spoke. on iraq the terrorists have been pushed back, says the president. the isis terrorists who've been moving across the north of america and syria, a key dam there has been retaken by iraqi and kurdish forces with american hem. and they're working on a long-term strategy against the isis terrorists who were trying to set up that islamic state. in ferguson, missouri, the president announcing attorney general eric holder will travel to ferguson on wednesday to work with local prosecutors and local officials. he said that it's important that the rights to gather, protest and report the news be respected there in ferguson. he said we need to seek an understanding, seek to heal, not to wound each other. that there's a gulf of mistrust in many communities between law enforcement and especially people of color. i'll be hosting a special live hour on fox news channel on satellite and cable tonight, 11:00 eastern, 8:00 p.m. pacific time, on the unrest in ferguson
1:55 pm
and the rest of the news beyond. and while the president spoke, we got an urgent out of the middle east. a word from egypt now that the gaza cease-fire, which was scheduled to end exactly six minutes from now, will now be extended for 24 hours. as hamas negotiators from the palestinian territories are there in egypt, along with representatives from the israeli government, and united states, as well, working on talking to extend the peace there 24 hour extension on the cease-fire in the gaza. there will be continuing coverage on your local news on fox stations around the nation. analysis begins now on fox news channel on satellite and cable. i'm shepard smith, fox news, new york. we're back with fox's ed henry, chief washington correspondent james rosen. gentlemen, i'm going to divide this into two. ed, on ferguson and james on iraq. to you first, ed. i get the impression the president really wanted to talk. he wanted -- >> and talk about this case and talk about race.
1:56 pm
if you don't subtract points for the lack of brevity, okay. he went on a little bit, he seemed to strike a pretty good tone. two quick points. when he said i have to be very careful about not prejudging the case, he learned a lesson from trayvon martin, perhaps, and from the massachusetts police officer case where he said the police officer acted stupidly. that was prejudging the case. he's not doing that now. second point is, when he said, look, just because there are grievances, it doesn't excuse looting, and went on to say let's seek some understanding instead of hollering. let's heal instead of wounding one another. that's an important message. >> but he didn't come down hard and say you risers knock it off. >> but he did try to set a positive tone i think. we'll see whether they listen. >> james rosen on iraq. i picked up that the president said they are going to get this done. that will be the new iraqi government. and he did not mention any new stronger military policy on the part of the united states. >> well the only thing i'd add to that is that he specified the new iraqi government still to be formed, plus regional allies.
1:57 pm
but it was really interesting to hear the president talk about this terrorist army known as isis, or isil which has swept from parts of syria into some of the major cities in iraq. he was congratulating the northern iraqi forces and the kurds for retaking the mosul dam. the breach of which could have had catastrophic consequences. he said to the iraqi government that isis, he called it, the golf is at the door. he went on to say that isis threatens the entire middle east. and yet he also specified that the united states' goal here is simply to contain. not to destroy or eliminate or totally neutralize isis. and he said that just turning the tide against them, forget neutralizing or destroying them, just turning the tide against them, is going to be a long-term project, and as you suggested, stewart, it's going to be one that's going to be principally undertaken by other folks on the ot the u.s., despite our strong security interests in the middle east region. all of which he says is threatened by isis. >> it did call isil a savage group willing to slaughter.
1:58 pm
very strong language from the president about the terrorist group there in iraq. but again as you said, james, no suggestion that american military power would be rolling back just containing it. that's it. >> that's right. go ahead, stewart. >> i just want to get back to ed, we're almost out of time here. the president will not go to ferguson, missouri, eric holder, attorney general, is going instead. what do you make of that? >> well, i think the president, after saying i don't want to prejudge this, doesn't want to jump into the middle of the fray more directly than he already has perhaps. let's not forget eric holder has now ordered a third autopsy of young michael brown. the first two seemed to be somewhat inconclusive if you listen to the press conferences today, about exactly what happened. whether he was shot when he was trying to surrender or whether he was charging at the police. there's still a lot of questions. it was, if you go back to this past saturday, a week previous that he was shot and killed. and we still are missing a lot of answers. >> do you think what the president just said will calm things in ferguson tonight? >> it's hard to tell. >> he said the same thing from
1:59 pm
martha's vineyard. it didn't calm things down then. >> james rosen last word on iraq. am i right in saying that there is a lot of pressure on the president to do more to roll back isis, and beat them? >> certainly from allies in the region, like saudi arabia, and others, yes there is. perhaps not as much as from the home front here during this midterm election cycle when people are probably going to be more focused on pocketbook issues, economic issues, health care. we're still probably going to see quite a few developments as the fall rolls in with respect to obamacare. possible policy cancellations and so forth. and just in looking at the president during this event, you can tell the passion he brings to his talk of ferguson and the related issues there, as contrasted with the fairly passionless approach, and the certainly the much less amount of time that he devotes to foreign policy subjects, and in this case iraq. >> gentlemen, james rosen, ed henry, thank you very much indeed. commentary on what the president just said. many of the pictures coming from the riots in ferguson, missouri, not from the police or the
2:00 pm
media. one of the companies helping the public see the danger up close in real live time terms that's tomorrow. fbn fox business network varney and company, 11:00 a.m. eastern. "the five" is next.;v6ñ explosive new video of the latest round of rioting and protesting in ferguson, missouri last night. police fired tear gas into the crowd, two were shot in the melee as tensions remain extremely high. those images prompted missouri governor nixon to call in the national guard, they'll attempt to do what the ferguson police, the st. louis county police and the missouri state police could not do, keep the peace in ferguson. in addition, he will end a curfew that has only seemed to incite more violence these last few nights. famed pathologist dr. michael baden was called in by the brown family to perform a second autopsy. here are the highlights of what he found. >> in this instance there's no gunshot residues on the skin


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